Breathwork suits people of all ages. Its a practical tool to raise your energy levels. Its good to do on a regular base to keep stress levels low, mind happy and soul light. Even a single practice brings relaxedness and offers physical and spiritual satisfaction.

Breathwork helps:
To release emotional and physical tensions
Lower stress level
Experience relaxation
Find joy, harmony and balance
Acknowledge your true needs
Get deeper connection with your feelings
Feel the growth of creativity
Find contact with energy in your body
To live with greater awareness

Short movie “Choosing Life” by The International Breath Foundation

How does it work?

Its a breathing without breaks, connected, relaxed and with support, at the time of which body aqires more oxygen, influencing level of CO2 in brain. You conciously enter an altered state of mind where physical sensations, emotions, memories can appear.through the session and you will start recognising what is keeping back free flow of energy and thus creating discomfort in daily life. Breathing activates and increases life energy making it possible to release, clean and heal yourself.

Rising of life force happens at the same time on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Through connected breathing you increase life force (prana, chi, ki) and it starts to move. In physical body it can appear as vibration, waves, thermoeffects etc. On emotional level you can find memories that suppress energy and with observing or re-experiencing them they are being released. Thats how breathwork helps cleaning bounding beliefs and fears, releasing them in a soft way. You can learn to approach yourself forgivingly, lovingly and with understanding.

Additionally to healing the process awakes creativity, person can have much deeper understanding and spiritual energetic experiences. Its gentle and safe technique that opens the door and supports us on the journey to our true self. Connecting deep breathing, perception of body, energy of feelings, thoughts and intuition, we can discover our yet unknown potentials.