Incredible India: Experience Goa and Hampi

Goa. Loojang, kookos ja neiu.

Thoughts and meditations, hiking and laying back on sunbed, „susegad“ and morning yoga, water bottle and spices, air and breathwork, beach and sun, drums and dances, locals and travelers, ancient temples and modern yoga centers, people and gods inside and around us, mosquitoes and elephants, flipflops and sand.

Incredible India: Experience Goa and Hampi

23rd of January to 5th of February 2017 
06th of February to 19th of February 2017


India, its a land of bright colors, spicy smells and amazing sounds. A place where you need to be careful about your thoughts and wishes as they manifest rather quickly. Come and experience this deep mystical sensation with us.


Part of our trip is holiday on sandy Goan beach, ideal to recharge yourself with heat of the sun, dance on the beach with sunset drumming circle, swim in warm ocean. We visit hippies favorite spot on the beach and while walking there its possible to meet grandpas from 60s with colorful headbands as well as modern hippie children running around barefoot. We bring you to a small adventure to see them with your own eyes and get part of their sense of the world.


Theres thousands of years of culture to be found in India. During our trip we combine traditional Indian spirituality with modern practices. Walks in holy places, beautiful temples of Hampi, feeling the wisdom of tradition of ancient and making spiritual practices, step into modern yoga studios and spiritual centers.


Its a safe travel to different layers of Indian culture, where your guides on the way, Timo and Virge, share what makes India especially sweet and amazing for them and what they consider important there.


Its not any other tourism or holiday trip, it takes you also to places which often stay out of the way of mainstream tourists. Its an interesting adventure in good company where you have possibility to meet safely with different layers of yourself and India.

We are in love with India and we like to share it with you too!


Timo about himself:
I am world traveler, curious discoverer, looking for and finding experiences that light up my life. In India theres plenty of all that — in each step and every moment there is insensitivity and appeal in various layers. This spiritualness and soulfulness which flows through peoples lives where shoulder to shoulder, representatives of different religions and cultures, do their everyday things, its just inspiring.

I have been working 8 years in tourism and travelling as representative in different destinations like: Turkey, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria and two seasons in Goa, India, discovering different beaches, jungles, temples that I wish to share with you.


Virge about herself:
Through last ten years I have been learning different healing techniques. But most of all I have been supported, taught and endlessly inspired by breathwork and other breathing practices.
I studied to become breathwork therapist on a 3 years training of „Source Process and Breathwork“ and two years in breathwork therapist school Inspiraktiva.

Started doing therapies in 2008. Many breathing techniques, so popular in West nowadays, have their roots in India and all my teachers have been big fans of India.

I have made 6 long trips to India. And on my travels I started to make breathwork practices with my companions. It helped us relax and work through the experiences faster, to be open and receptive for new ones. For a great surprise for us all we started to feel and receive India much deeper through conscious breathing. The substance and layers of different places started to appear in altered states of mind, opening doors to informal perception, bringing more respect and admiration towards India. Usual holidays got much wider and deeper meaning.

There I found possibilities to learn yoga and breathing practices from local teachers which tightened the bond with India. They can even study yoga in universities and a lot of knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. Every time I also pick up some new wisdom for myself on these travels.

For me India is amazing kaleidoscope, where hinduism, yoga, tantra, meditation, new age techniques and other spiritual practices make all sorts of possible combinations. On the travels you can meet with people having same interests, share experiences and enjoy spiritual communities.

Of course I was not hiding my adoration after my Indian trips. So it happened that my students, clients, friends started to ask for me to travel with them in India and to share all this that im talking about. Few years i was sitting on it before I met a professional in travelling field, with more than 8 years of experience, Timo.

We have similar perceptions of world and we love India. So we joined our thoughts and ideas to create a different trip where you can see interesting and spiritual places of India and do different practices too.

What do the breathwork practices add to the trip?

For emotional state its purifying, this technique releases discomfortable feelings and deeply relaxes your body. Breathwork helps  to conclude unfinished situations and integrate experiences faster. With regular practice traveler has more „inner space“. Which amplifies ability to receive impressions from surroundings and creates pleasant and warmhearted contact with co-travellers.

Thats how we create a trip with tensions grounded, mind open for new experiences and love in our hearts.

Read more about breatwork
Short movie  by The International Breath Foundation


In small group, max 10 participants so we can swiftly and smoothly move in different layers of Indian culture and share with you all that we consider important.

Whos invited?

Everyone, even if you have no earlier  experience with breathwork or other spiritual practices because You will get all the needed basic principles.

Also it is recharging and educating if you work with people. Therapists, (yoga) teachers, psychologists etc. In workshops you can practice and learn practices to use in your work later on. Or to apply in everyday life.

Definetly its a treat for a traveller interested in culture of India.


In double rooms. In Goa all around are ayurvedic- and yoga centers that bring together people with similar interests. In the evenings different concerts, dances and singing events are happening.



1 day
Arrival to airport where taxi driver with a sign welcoming you
1,5 hour ride to accommodation
Check in. Relaxing.
Meeting travel companions, meeting meditation and breathing yourself to here and now

2nd day
Morning yoga
Tracking trip to baba(holyman) living under banyan tree. On the way we enjoy the views of Arambol hills and beach life, on Kalachi beach going to jungle where we can feel the magic and power of nature. Talking with baba maybe singing and dancing making music under ancient tree. Before the evening start on the way back to enjoy the sunset atmosphere on Arambol beach—drumming circle, dancers, and handicraft market on the sand.

3rd day
Morning yoga.
Breathwork workshop.

4th day
Morning yoga.
Holiday. Good day for shopping to take home incense, spices, oils, crystals, textile, art etc.

5th day
Train to Hampi. One of the biggest open air museums of the world, monument of extraordinary cultural and spiritual heritage. Also Hampi has especially strong spiritual vibrations. Walk and enjoying sunset.

6th day
Greeting sunrise on the top of a hill in old temple. Day for visiting important sights in Hampi.

7th day
We enjoy morning walk on Hampis wonderful landscapes and in the afternoon we feel Hampi and ourselves using breathwork practices.

8th day
Train back to Goa.

9th day
Morning yoga.
Silence day.

10th day
Morning yoga.
Guest teachers workshop

11th day
Morning yoga.
Day trip to local spice plantation that freshens up your mind and brings closer to nature. Possible to see most known Indian spices. We learn to recognise and will discover new ones. Simply served traditional Goan authentic cuisine for lunch in the farm.
Also possible to meet worlds most gentle and biggest at the same time creatures—elephants.

12th day

Morning yoga.

13th day
Morning yoga.
Breathwork practices and closing party.

14th day
Packing, hugging and driving to airport.

What does experience trip offer

Charge your body and soul
Aquire new breathing and spiritual practices that you can keep using
Enjoy beautiful Indian culture
Meet spiritual people
Hike in jungle and wild beaches
Exiting discoveries and good surprises
Good companions and lots of laughs


23rd of January to 5th of February 2017 
06th of February to 19th of February 2017 
Cost per person in double room 1400€

Special price in December! Join with us now with your friend and get place in double room for 1200€ per person. Share your experience with beloved one, friend or family. Until places available

Cost includes:
Transfers airport-accommodation-airport
Accommodation in Goa and Hampi
Trip to Hampi and excursion in Hampi
Entrance fees
Tracking trip and visiting Spice Plantation in Goa
Morning yoga and five workshops
Everything is already taken care of just join us and take additional money with you for food and personal expenses

Cost does not include:
Flight tickets
Travel and health insurances
If you wish we can also help to find best offers for flight tickets to Goa and give assistance when applying for the visa. 30 day Indian visa can be applied online and stamp will be put in your passport when arriving to airport in India.

Place in the group can be prebooked with payment in sum of 200€ per person (until there is availability or until one week before the trip)

Rest of the payment when booking is confirmed
If you have questions and interest let us know: +372 524 0468 +37256917236
So I can send you more detailed information.